1- Any order totalling between $100 - $499 attracts 5% discount.
2- Any order totalling $500 or more attracts 10% discount.

  supplier part no Price description
  PBT 34-461 56.00 Sabre blade PBT-Ukrain Y blade Nr.5
  PBT 3868/A 30.00 Sabre guard insulated
  PBT 3868/B 5.10 Insulation for electric sabre guard
  PBT 3871 10.20 Sabre socket
  Uhlmann 122071 14.00 guard socket for electric sabre
  PBT 4181/AE  2.00 Electric foil and sabre guard padding
  FWF 1053 2.10 foil guard pad, felt, electric, 100 mm
  FWF 1054 2.10 foil guard pad, plastic, electric, 100 mm
  Uhlmann 12210 3.40 foil/sabre guard pad of felt, electric
  Uhlmann 122102 3.40 guard pad of plastic 
  PBT 36-60/A  10.40 Sabre grip aluminium, rubber-bound 
  Allstar ASG 9.10 Sabre handle allstar, of polypropylene
  Allstar ASG-A 10.00 Sabre handle Allstar ALU 
  Uhlmann 128051 9.10 sabre grip of plastic, blue
  Uhlmann 12806 27.00 sabre grip, leather-bound 
  PBT 38-65  2.80 Sabre pommel 
  PBT 38-64  4.60 Sabre pommel isolated 
  FWF 2000 5.60 Sabre pommel with hexagon nut, not-insulated
  FWF 2001 6.70 Sabre pommel with hexagon nut, insulated
  PBT 187/W 27.00 Electric sabre cuff WHITE inox,washable
  PBT 3763/B  9.10 El sabre/foil cable, mask to jacket
  PBT 3763/BS 13.00 El. sabre cable, mask to jacket, WHITE spiral
  PBT 37631/T2TRP 38.00 Foil/sabre body wire FIE TRANSPARENT with transparent plugs
  Allstar FK-T 50.00 T2019 Foil and Sabre Body Wire (transparent plug)
  PBT 1841/MW 233.00 Electric sabre jacket white inox, washable for women
  PBT 184/MW 233.00 Electric sabre jacket WHITE INOX, washable for men
  PBT 18-41/M 277.00 Electric sabre jacket nickel inox, washable, Lady
  PBT 184/M 277.00 Electric sabre jacket INOX, washable for men
  PBT 18-41/MB 324.00 Electric sabre jacket, inox - ice blue - Lady
  PBT 18-4/MB 324.00 Electric sabre jacket, inox - ice blue - Man
  PBT 3342 266.00 El. sabre mask FIE 1600 N incl. mask cable
  PBT 37-631/C 12.00 Cable plug, 2 pin BLUE
  PBT 37631/D 12.00 Cable plug, 3 pin  BLUE
  PBT 37-631/E 3.50 Pin to cable plug, 3 mm
  PBT 37-631/F 3.50 Pin to cable plug, 4 mm
  FWF 3001 10.00 cable section for epee body cord
  FWF 1005 12.00 2-pole cable plug
  FWF 1006 12.00 3-pole cable plug
  FWF 1009-E 3.80 plug pin for 2-pole plugs, 3 mm, nickel plated
  FWF 1010 3.80 plug pin for 3-pole plugs, 4 mm, nickel plated
  PBT 37-631/H  1.90 Security clip for foil 
  FWF 1024 2.90 foil socket plus - 3mm


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