basic2013 2



- Simple to Use: Only two buttons are employed for weapon selection and other settings.

- Latest FIE regulations: All recent FIE rule changes are implemented, e.g.

- Easy to Reprogram: In case of a FIE rule change in future, the unit can be easily reprogrammed by using the communications socket on its front panel, without having to replace its microcontroller chip in the unit.

- Bright indicators: 10mm high-intensity LEDs are employed in matrix format to obtain very high brightness levels for displays.

- Auto switch-off: The unit turns off automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity (a useful feature for clubs where switching-off is usually overlooked at the end of the day).

- Remote control: With optional remote control unit, the unit can be controlled from up to 20m distance with external cable.

- Extension lights: Optional extension light units can be employed to increase the indicator span up to 10 m.

- Dimensions: 240 x 160 x 53 mm

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