Picture shows two video sockets added on a Competition Unit in which an Instant Replay module is integrated.

This module is designed to operate in the video link between a camera and a monitor. 

Its function is to capture "last seconds-just before a halt" of a video of a bout and replay it repeatedly in slow motion.

It has two modes of operations:
1- While bout is on (chronometer, running): Normal live video of the bout is viewed on the monitor.
2- When halt is issued (chronometer, stopped): Slow motion replay of the last seconds prior to halt (usually due to a hit) is viewed repeatedly.

1- Coaching: A coach can stop the bout at any time and discuss/analyse the last actions of both fencers in detail.
2- Self improvement: With no coach present, two fencers in a bout can get immediate feedback at any hit for their last actions in detail.
3- Video refereeing
4- Referee training
5- Spectator infotainment

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Price: T.B.D.