I have now been using these scoring systems for the past few years. Currently The Geelong Fencing Club uses 3 different types from the full feature competition box with scoring, time, passivity settings etc. to the training box and more recently to the battery powered training box. I can recommend these boxes to anyone without hesitation. In an average coaching week I will work at four different locations, the boxes will travel with me to each one. This means they are unpacked and packed loaded into the car at least four times each week. This is a big demand on electrical gear and far more stress that would be experienced at a permanent venue club. These boxes have handled the conditions incredibly well. In addition to this box I have another box which was many times the cost; this box has continually performed as well as this system. Another aspect I have appreciated regarding the boxes is the excellent backup service provided, the after sales service is second to none! With an imported unit any repairs need to be posted overseas usually resulting in substantial cost and more importantly time without the equipment. On the rare occasions that minor work had to be done such a replacement of a bulb etc. there was always a one week turnaround time. With more than 40 years involvement in the sport at all levels it is pleasing to see someone produce such a device at an affordable cost.

Again I can recommend these boxes to any coach or Fencing Club as a quality piece of equipment; you are welcome to contact me if you have further questions.

Neil Hick – Geelong Fencing, Victoria, Australia.




These boxes are great, easy to set up and use, nice bright lights, great after sales service, with the ability to have the software updated quickly. Strongly recommend these boxes.

Pieter Leeuwenburgh - Victorian Fencing Academy, Victoria, Australia.


I have used this equipment for many years and recommend personally the scoring boxes, the developments over the years have made them the best on the market at a reasonable price.

The boxes are great with the remote and choice of options for settings. The led lights make a marked difference from your average scoring box, and have a better system for upright stands as they can be hung and attached to a wall or post. I encourage the Australian market to buy Australian made and manufactured.

Chris Jones - Sword Fighters Australia, Victoria, Australia.