- Designed for competitions:

      • Score counters: 0 – 99
      • Chronometer: 0:00 – 9:59 min
      • Bout/period counter: 0-9
      • Infrared remote control
      • priority indicators
      • red and yellow card indicators

- Simple to Use: Just five buttons on the remote control unit for all operations. Two buttons on the main unit.

- Auto switch-off: Switches off automatically after a period of inactivity (3 minutes in basic operation and 30 minutes when a bout is on).

- Bright and wide angle indicators: Aimed for long distance viewing.

- FIE rules: Fully conforms with latest FIE Rules.

- Multi functional: In addition to standard FENCE mode, TEST and TRAINING modes re available for several supervisory tasks.

- Dimensions: 360 x 200 x 52 mm

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